Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trader Joe's Tofu Turkey

Today I skipped church and headed to Trader Joe's just to use their restroom. Rhonda inspires me. OK really I needed some grub. I got there at like 9:30 AM as I love to start out early and figured I would avoid the after church crowd only to run into the before church crowd.

My observation of Trader Joe's is "This must be one hell of a place to work!" Everyone (and I mean everyone) is so damn happy and nice there. And even the people shopping are nice and not cranky at all. Unlike the mother f-ing pesticides that lurk around every corner of any grocery store in the Ford City / Kittanning area. So either they treat these employees like gold there OR they are given special magical brownies everyday when the arrive at work. My oh my I would love to work there....

The free samples dude was passing out some mini slices of pumpkin pie and of course, free coffee. I opted for the free java in the pixie cup and rounded the corner to the meat/chicken case and almost spit out my coffee when I saw............TOFU TURKEY!

I don't get Tofu Turkey. I am willing to try anything once (food wise) and let me just say TOFU SUCKS! It tastes horrendous no matter how it's prepared. I mean, why eat turkey flavored tofu? Isn't that defeating the purpose of not eating a turkey? I just don't understand this. Then again, people buying Tofu Turkey probably made a gross face at my Freekah Wheat but whatever. I guess to each their own.

Tofu gobbles to the tune of some Yanni song. LOL.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

Actually, I believe they call that Tofurkey. I remember when I was in Fresh Meat, we decided until we could take "real" names, we would take a "meat" name. I was Pork Chop and we had a Tofurkey Jerky.

So, did you use the bathroom?