Saturday, November 22, 2008

Starting fresh!

Today it was confirmed that my old blog was well..........boring and gay. Besides that my daily life is SO much more exciting than me talking only about Weight Watchers and diets. So since I have no shame and weird, goofy shit ALWAYS happens to me I thought I would start fresh.

Monday I went into the Y and noticed the dreaded sign "Do not use. Out of order." I hate that damn sign on anything, including the machines I don't use. Main reason - shit there doesn't get fixed for a week or two or three. So Tuesday, much to my surprise, the treadmill was getting fixed already! This is progress people! BUT after it was fixed I still had to get in my run and the other treadmill was occupied so thinking "I know this son of a bitch is gonna blow up on me or something" I hop on. We're OK at first but then like the thing is possessed it starts jacking up the speed on me without me touching anything. Exit stage right.

So today I go in and this chick that wears her shorts a tad bit too short (ass hangover out the bottom of them) is running on it and she isn't making many adjustments to the speed so I guessed it was fixed. She gets off and I get on reluctantly. First 6 minutes of my walk I am fine, no problems. Then at minute 6 I start running at 5.1 mph. No problem until I hit minute 12 and all hell breaks loose. That F-ing machine jacks my speed up to 6.5 and keeps going and I can't get it to shut off.

I fear the most falling in the gym. Mainly because its a place I have to go back to because well, I pay$36.50 a month and can't get out of it until January. All I visualize is me getting thrown off the treadmill and into the back wall in a pile. Oh what a visual....

That's really the only funny thing that happened today. The train display started and some f-ing weirdo that I swear is gonna meet up with Chris Hansen someday was lurking around our display for over an hour. Freaking creepy. Almost told him to take a hike but I *gasp* refrained.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

Yeah! You should have kept your old stuff too. It was great as well.

I am so happy you are blogging again. You tell some of the funniest stories!